About Modulus Props

I'm Nick Kettman, the guy behind Modulus Props. I make prop replicas as a hobby, and Modulus Props is a way for me to share what I do. Like many other prop makers, the thing that first drew me to the art was the idea of turning something that didn't exist in the physical world, like an object in a video game, into a real, tangible thing. My first prop replica project was the iconic Psycho Bandit mask from the Borderlands video game series. I've got a thing for masks.

To me, the steps that go into creating a prop are just as interesting as the final piece itself. In fact, I don't think I'd be making props now if it weren't for all the other makers that share so much of their process. These are some of the prop makers that have inspired me: Adam Savage, Frank IppolitoPunished Props, Volpin Props, SKS Props, Coregeek, Allen Amis Creations, and Henchmen Props. Check them out — they all do some pretty incredible work.

Nick Kettman, the guy behind Modulus Props
Modulus Props shop panorama