Halloween Mask Giveaway 2016

Splicer vs psycho... who would win??

Halloween GIVEAWAY! To celebrate my favorite holiday, I’m giving away one of my handmade masks. The winner gets his or her choice of a Bioshock rabbit splicer mask or a Borderlands psycho bandit mask. These masks are urethane resin casts created from my original sculptures. They are great for costumes and cosplay, or simply as a display piece. I will gladly add a strap to the mask for wearing.

You can enter the giveaway here:

One winner will be drawn randomly on Friday, October 7th. Good luck!

To see how I made these masks, take a look at the project writeups on my blog:
Project Writeup -- Bioshock Bunny Splicer Mask
Project Writeup -- Borderlands Psycho Bandit Mask, Part 1: Sculpting
Project Writeup -- Borderlands Psycho Bandit Mask, Part 2: Molding, Casting, and Painting