Bandit Steve Costume, Borderlands 2

Steve is a Bandit Raider who makes several appearances in the Borderlands video games. He is known for his greeting "Heyoo!", which is possibly a reference to Johnny Carson's longtime sidekick, Ed McMahon.

The shoulder pads are made of EVA floor mat foam, sealed with PlastiDip and painted with Angelus leather paints. The spikes are made of a few layers of foam sandwiched together and then cut to shape using a utility knife and a rotary tool. The sweatshirt was weathered and painted using several types of acrylic paint. The belt across the chest is a real leather belt, weathered using acrylics, with some added pads made of canvas-covered foam. The red patch on the shoulder was hand-embroidered.

The mask was sculpted using Monster Clay over a Pepakura papercraft base as a general guide for the shape. The sculpt was molded and cast using Smooth-On urethane resin. All painting and weathering was done with brushed acrylic paints. The lenses are clear green acrylic plastic.