Broken Rabbit Splicer Mask, Bioshock 2

Ten years after the events of the first Bioshock game, the Splicers are a bit more desperate and a bit more deformed, and their masquerade masks are starting to crumble. This broken rabbit mask can be seen throughout Bioshock 2, worn by the Splicer characters in an attempt to hide their grotesqueness.

This mask was sculpted from a resin copy of my original splicer mask sculpt. The cracks and chipped edges were carved with a rotary tool using several different sizes of cutting bits. The base color of the mask was built up using about a half dozen layers of various shades of gray, stippled on with a sponge. In order to highlight the cracks, they were first filled in with a dark gray color, then the deepest parts were filled in with white. All paints used were model acrylics.


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