Disciple of the Whills Costume, Rogue One

Worshippers of the mystical ways of the Force, the Disciples of the Whills can be found roaming the streets of Jedha City in the film Rogue One. This costume is a recreation of a Disciple named Silvanie Phest, seen only briefly within the film.

The vocoder mask is made entirely of EVA foam, sealed with Creature Cast neoprene rubber and painted with acrylic paints. The staff is PVC pipe covered with foam, also sealed with neoprene and painted entirely with acrylics. To create the gloves, a finger form was made using a strip of EVA foam, and bits of black Worbla thermoplastic were heated and shaped over the form. The Worbla was then glued into place on a pair of simple nylon gloves and painted with acrylics.

Images by Brett Downen (Downen Photography)