Psycho Bandit Mask, Borderlands

This crazy-looking mask was my very first prop replica. The mask is worn by the Psycho Bandit character in the Borderlands video game series. Known for their off-color quotes and glowing eyes, the Psycho is a favorite among many Borderlands cosplayers.

The mask was sculpted over a Pepakura paper model base using a variety of materials, including Apoxie Sculpt, Worbla, and an actual PC fan. The finished mask shown here is made of Smooth-Cast 320 urethane resin, created from a mold of the original sculpt. The outlined features seen on the mask give the game its unique, hand-drawn look.

Project Write-Ups
Borderlands Psycho Bandit Mask, Part 1: Sculpting
Borderlands Psycho Bandit Mask, Part 2: Molding, Casting, and Painting


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